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In the hopes of finally doing some of the party ideas we have been dying to try, the 30th birthday party will feature a Margarita Bar!

It will be a self-serve station with 2 types of margaritas:  strawberry and blue raspberry [to keep with the red & teal color scheme].  We will use mason jars rimmed in a sugar and salt mixture and there will be garnishes of strawberries and limes. This type of bar is a great budget friendly option because it involves only 3 types of liquor and not a lot of other additives.  And how can you go wrong with margaritas! We are still debating on whether or not to provide blended options because of the logistics and messiness of it.

These types of drink bars add an interactive element to the party, which will perhaps (with the aid of tequila) make the party more lively, and it does not require hiring a bartender or commandeering a friend to do it.

Here is the inspiration photo for the Margarita Bar:

We will be adding our our own decor twist on the above right table concept, which we will share with you after the party!