This past weekend was our annual Girl’s Birthday Weekend with two of my good friends of whom I share the same birthday month (January) with.  This year we did Miami’s Jazz in the Garden.   In appreciation of friendship and in honor of life, we exchange gifts.   My original thought was to make their gifts with my brand new sewing machine, which I bought with the idea to become more ‘crafty’.  So, I hopped on Pinterest and found a tutorial on making a Roll-up Make-up Brush Case.   While it certainly looked simple, I’m not sure that with my 8th grade Home Economics class sewing skills (and the fact that I haven’t touched a sewing machine since the 8th grade), I was prepared for the task.  Do they even have Home Economics in schools anymore???  Anywhoo….it was certainly fun choosing the material and even cutting out the pattern.   Then, the rubber hit the road or in this case material hit the presser foot.  For the life of me, I just could not get it right.  Accepting defeat, the sewing machine and material was packed up and put in the closest where they have been collecting dust.  But, please check out the tutorial at Sew4Home for the cutest homemade make-up brush case ever!  From the positive comments posted, it is just me who needs a Sewing 101 class.

So, I was back to the brainstorming drawing board aka ‘Pinteresting’.   With the trip date fast approaching, I needed something quick and easy, but still allowed for a personal touch.  After narrowing my focus down to the gift wrapping/bagging to accomplish the personal touch, I was inspired by these beautiful ombre canvas tote bags created by BlogHer.

I love the reusability of a canvas tote and the use of the ombre trend, which has also been popular in hair and nail color.  For my bags, I decided to go with a pink and a blue color pallete.  I also added a monogram to one side of the tote.  I’m very pleased with how well they turned out and I know my girlfriends loved them!  The weekend was wonderful….company of good friends, a little jazz, and of course a few cocktails!  I will definitely be recommending the canvas gift tote idea to clients for Bridesmaid’s gifts or as favor bags for parties.  What a wonderful way to [Gift] With Love!