I’m what I would call 98% vegetarian, the other 2% would account for the fish/seafood I occasionally eat; which I’ve only had twice this year so far.  I’m typically a fairly healthy eater, but not sure if its stress or what, but I’ve been eating ‘crazy’ the last couple of weeks…mayo on sandwiches, chips, pizza, and I even had FRIED shrimp! So I felt I needed to get back on track before my body and taste buds become accustomed to the madness.   The key for me to eating healthy is definitely planning and preparing ahead.  I found this recipe for no-cook, refrigerated oatmeal while on Pinterest.  I was a little skeptical of the idea of cold oatmeal, but I liked the ingredients and the no-cook aspect of the recipe. And don’t mason jars make everything more appealing!  They definitely are nostalgic; bringing back memories of my grandmother in the kitchen during the summer preserving pears, tomatoes, and blackberries and making jelly.  I made a few modifications to the recipe based upon what I had on hand and my taste:  I used almond milk instead of skim milk, ground flax seed instead of chia seeds, and flavored it with bananas and strawberries (of which I cut up and sprinkled lightly with sugar and allowed them to make a syrup, which served as my sweetener).  I refrigerated it overnight and grabbed it on my way out the door for work.  Quick, easy, and so good and filling that I cannot wait to try other flavors!

I did not get a picture of the one I made before devouring it, but here is a picture of the ones that Monica of The Yummy Life made.  I’m thinking this would be a great idea for a breakfast bar or even brunch!