I got married in July 2011.  But it really feels like it was yesterday because I cannot seem to finish those last few projects, like getting my wedding dress cleaned, sending out those last few thank you cards [yes, they are super-duper late], packing away wedding crap, doing the scrapbook that I just knew I would do, and most importantly doing a wedding album using some Groupons I bought months ago for Mixbook and Picaboo.

If you haven’t heard of them, both Mixbook and Picaboo allow you the opportunity to create photo albums that are supposedly of decent quality and forces you to do something with those tons of digital photos you have on your harddrive that are just asking to be lost. Both programs are fairly simple to use, but I must admit I like Picaboo’s editing a bit better than Mixbook.  Although, I do like how Mixbook can fill the pages for you [but it doesn’t let you group them like Picaboo].

The goal was to complete the wedding album in record time complete with song lyrics from the songs played during the ceremony, but here I am with 3 days until my Groupons expire and I am only halfway done.  Yes I am a procrastinator. But I am also not really liking to relive that day through the pictures so that takes it even longer to complete.  Sometime I laugh and sometimes I cry…I’ll have to share why I have such a mixed bag of emotions about that day in another post.  If you didn’t already know, weddings are emotionally draining!

I will push forward and try to finish because with this Groupon and the deals they are running right now [if I can use both at the same time…oh just looked and you can’t] are great.  I’ll let you know the pros and cons of each once I get them printed.