I am a lace fanatic! I love it in all forms, shapes, and ways! I wanted to incorporate it more into my wedding, but too many ideas and not enough time. There were touches of lace and burlap, but of course on a smaller scale.  As I was browsing through Zappos, the online shoe store, I spotted these:

I’m not a big shoe person [unlike my younger sister], but I do love a nice pair of shoes and the lace and ruffle on these just take it over the top! These are perfect for that die-hard lace fanatic and those who definitely want to make a statement with their shoes. It comes in blue, red, and black, which other than the black the other colors make it look a little cheap.  It would probably look best with a midi or short dress or would work well for a rehearsal or bridal shower event.  How do you feel about lace? Is it a style that you love or do you think of grandma’s curtains?