With Love Events has been busy the past couple of weeks.  Whew! The temperatures are heating up and so are our weekends.  But, we LOVE it!  We had a birthday party last week, met clients for a walk-through of their venue this weekend, had a long business meeting to get the design plan for the wedding in October, and we continue to refine all of the recipes for the goodies we offer. We hope to debut some of these desserts in the next few weeks.

As a teaser, we have been trying to find the best chocolate cake and this Black Magic Cake pictured here is one of the contenders!

It reminds me of the black magic cookies that they served us in the school cafeteria, which I still haven’t found a recipe for.  If you have ever heard of them or have a recipe, let me know! They were intensely chocolatey and they often put raisins in them, which I picked out of course!

Next on our agenda is a 1st Birthday Party with the Cars theme.  We have to admit that we are a little “carsed” out! Even though that may be the case, we are excited to see everything come together.  We have cardboard boxes turned into cars characters and sugar cookies with edible ink images of the characters, so we will have a lot of projects to share in the next couple of week.

Following the party, we will share with you our design board for the wedding we are planning in October. We are so excited about it.

Have a great Monday!