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The bridesmaids aren’t the only ones who can get the floral treatment.  The guys of the wedding party can also get in on the action in a couple of different ways.  The first is by using a floral pattern on their ties or bowties.  It is an easy option and one that can be done quickly finding the perfect ready made one.  The company I keep hearing about is Liberty of London, who makes a line of floral ties:

These would be perfect for a spring/summer wedding! I also noticed that there are a few Etsy shops that carry floral ties and bowties as well, like Tux & Tulle. They have some really cute options:

If the perfect floral print isn’t available there are tons of fabric that comes in floral patterns that can be used to make ties or bowties.

And here are a few shots of floral ties in a real wedding:

I love how the ties match the maid of honor’s dress; it is a nice touch!  So how do you like the guys being the ones rocking the floral print?  On my next post, I’ll share three more ways that the floral print can be used for the guys of the wedding party.   After-all, it shouldn’t be just the women who get to have all the fun!