You would think that finding a floral print little girl dress would be easy, but my search hasn’t been that productive.  The ones that I have found are more of the Spring type flowers and the not the more sophisticated print of the inspiration shoe.  So while I continue my search, I thought I would turn my attention to the other little one of the wedding party: the ringbearer or the broom-bearer!  The search for a floral inspired outfit for this member of the party hasn’t been easy either, but a floral tie or floral bowtie similar to the groom and groomsmen is an easy option.

However, I was thinking of ways to add the floral pattern with a bit more punch for those who want its presence more pronounced. A vest or a cummerbund! I was thinking something similar to this option:

While I didn’t find any sites offering vests in a floral print beyond this one, it can easily be created using your favorite floral print and sewing skills [or those of the person you hire!].  Since this picture links to sizes made for the groom and groomsmen, this could be an option for them if the floral print you are lusting after is more tropical!