Good-Morning Everyone!!

Hope everyone who celebrated Mother’s Day on yesterday had a wonderful day!  Now to the start of another week of school/work.  Mondays are usually the hardest day to get through because we are recovering from the weekend.  I know I am usually dragging around the office and looking for a caffeine fix.  So, every Monday I will be posting some type of inspiration to help you start your day off.  It may be something to make you laugh or either give you the motivation you need to continue reaching for the stars.


This is a great reminder to me that you can carry yourself like a lady but still have the mindset of a boss.  We can be CEOs as well! Ladies it is very important that we carry ourselves with class but still stand on what we believe in.  We can all be whatever, whoever we want to be if we put our minds to it!  Everyday I am pushing myself towards greatness and not taking my eyes off the prize!

Have a Successful Monday Everyone!! 🙂