If you have been following our Floral Print Inspired Series then perhaps you have been wondering if there are ways for the bride to incorporate the floral print beyond the addition of a floral print cardigan or shoes.  I am pleased to tell you that there ARE other ways for a bride to tastefully use a floral print! One option is in the dress itself…yes the floral print can be found in wedding dresses.  David’s Bridal actually has two gowns that has a floral print:

I’m not really a fan of the one on the left, but I’m sure there is someone who would be willing and able to rock it. These dresses do offer the floral print in a subdued print and I think it would be great for a bride who is a little non-traditional.

And for those who love couture [like me :-)], Elie Saab delivers like no other.  If I had my choice of designers and money was no object of course, I would have chosen an Elli Saab dress for my wedding with no hesitation.  I drooled over them for months!  He delivers the floral print aesthetic in subtle ways that still brings the femininity of it. Here are some options:

Swoon….!!! Okay, I really could insert every dress from this collection as possibilities, but instead head over to Style and check them out! On tomorrow, I’ll share another couture designer that takes the floral print to the next level!