Okay, I admit it…I spend a lot (A LOT) of time on Pinterest pinning all these D.I.Y. project ideas, but never take the time to actually do any of them.  So I have been collecting wine bottles for a while, but never knew exactly what to do with them.  I knew they could serve some purpose one day.  Finally, I came across a tutorial on wrapping the bottles in twine and using as decorative décor around the house.  Excited to do my first DIY project I ran out and bought all the supplies I needed.  I followed all the instructions but things didn’t seem to be as easy as I expected.   The twine kept slipping off the bottles whenever I started wrapping.  Needless to say, I quickly got aggravated and ditched the project! {LOL} Last night after weeks of looking at the unfinished product I finally decided to give it another try.  I made a few modifications to the tutorial I was following and found it to be much easier!  Instead of starting to wrap the bottles from the bottom, I found starting at the top to be much easier and faster.  I think I am now addicted to this project!!

Here are the items I used:

Brown twine (found at ACE Hardware store)

Fabric adhesive


My inspiration: