It has been so much fun trying to find ways to incorporate a fashion trend, floral print, into a wedding design.  Now all I need is a bride who wants me to help bring it to life :-).  If you are that bride and are in the Tallahassee, Florida area, visit our event styling website.  There were a few items that I didn’t get a chance to talk about, most obviously the paper products; one of my favorite parts of a wedding. I can play with fonts ALL day! As an example of the endless possibilities for using the floral design in your save-the-dates or invites, I wanted to include some of my favorites in this review:

(top left– top right– bottom left– bottom right)

In addition here is a review of some of our favorite floral print wedding finds (you can find the credit in the original posts:

(Shoes, Dessert Buffet, Bridesmaid Dresses, Dessert Bar)

(Ties, Bridesmaids, Cardigans, Floral Wedding Gown)

(Wedding Gown, Favors)

(Bridesmaids Gifts, Cake, Invitations, Nails)

So did our Inspired Series convince you that fashion trends can work as wedding themes? What other fashion themes would you like to see turned into a wedding theme?  I’ve loved doing this series and will do another one after our big October event that I’ve been promising that I would share.  We have some great DIY projects from it that I want to share.