For this new series, we will be sharing a few projects that are central to a wedding that our company, With Love Events, is designing and coordinating for October. The theme of the wedding is Rustic Elegance and we are excited to share details about our first wedding. The key to any event is to first gain inspiration and one of the best ways available now is to turn to Pinterest where luckily someone else has spent the long hours on the internet finding and pinning the most wonderful finds! It is truly remarkable the number of creative designers and crafters who are displaying their talents and creating wonderful things for us to drool over.

I love presenting clients with an inspiration board because it allows them to begin visualizing how their event will look.  It is also a danger because the final product featured on these beautiful blogs have benefited from great photography and often a number of factors, including the setting, budget, and availability of products, can affect how a similar idea looks for another wedding.  However, what can be captured is the overall “feel” that you want the event to evoke for their guest. The goal for inspiration is to not try to duplicate it, but allow it to inspire you to think of the possibilities.

The feel for this wedding hinged on finding a way to make the colors orange and brown look elegant while playing off the slightly rustic and elegant grounds and house of the venue. The venue and theme really compliment each other!  Before the rustic became trendy, who really believed that burlap and mason jars could look elegant? But this trend has proved to have staying power despite efforts to declare the death of vintage and the mason jar!  So the key to pulling off the design was balance and to present a neutral background that would allow the pops of orange and brown to come alive. At first I didn’t realize this, but as the design evolved so did the vision for the design.

On tomorrow, I’ll share the design board for a wedding that combines the rustic and elegant into a marvelous affair.