When our couple for the Rustic Elegant Wedding came to us there were two things that they knew for sure they wanted: the color scheme of salmon [transitioned into orange] and brown and a relaxed feel for the reception.  Since a number of the weddings that use these colors often went towards the burnt orange and brown, our team wanted to find a way to inject a sense of newness to these colors by possibily adding variations of pink which would play off of the salmon, which has orange and pink tones.  So in this inspiration board for the ceremony, you will see an inspiration board that includes those colors and how well they all play together.

Also, we are sharing the inspiration board for the ceremony, which took a simple and not overly dressed approach because the venue warrants an uncluttered feel.

Rustic Elegant Inspiration Board--[Blank] With Love

Credits: 1) aisle hearts; 2) burlap ties; 3) ombre carnation curtain; 4) ribbon blocking aisle; 5) circle ceremony setup; 6) color palette

The plan includes the aisle lined with flower hearts.  I love this new trend of patterned flower aisles!  These hearts complement the ombre carnation curtain, which will include white/ivory and two colors of orange flowers, and the paper pompoms that the bride loves that will be in orange with brown ribbons hanging from shepherd hooks. The curtain will hang from the pergola behind the couple as they exchange their vows and burlap and orange ties will be on the chairs in the back rows.  I like this proposed setup because it highlights the best of the venue, but it also adds different elements that we hadn’t seen in a very popular venue.  For our next post, we will showcase the venue for other brides in the North Florida area.

If you are using a popular venue, what are you doing to seperate your ceremony from previous weddings?