For this ongoing series, we want to spotlight some of the popular and undiscovered venues in the Big Bend/Tallahassee Florida area.  A major key to a great event is the venue choice.  It is the first thing to think about AFTER deciding on a guest list or number of attendees.  The venue can make or break an event or budget if the right questions aren’t asked.

In my experience, finding a venue in this area is frustrating because those having an event very rarely look beyond the popular venues or rate their experience on sites like www.projectwedding, or  Also, there is often a dirth of images that could give you a quick idea of the venue’s pros and cons.  This new series hopes to provide an unbiased review of these places and give the pros and the cons [all from our perspective of course.]  Hopefully, it will provide some much needed information for those in search of the “perfect” venue.

Look for our first Venue Spotlight on this Sunday: The Southwood House, the venue for what will be an awesome Rustic Elegant Wedding.