For this “Venue Spotlight,” we are featuring The Southwood House, a popular venue located in the Southeast Neighboorhood of Southwood in Tallahassee, Florida.  The Southwood House boasts luscious green grounds in both the front and back yards, which surrounds the historic house built in 1865 that stands at its center.  For more information, please visit their Project Wedding website.  This venue would fall in the mid to high price range for Tallahassee.

This venue is great for its versatility for those planning a wedding.   It can be perfect for that bride who loves vintage and rustic, but also that bride that wants a more upscale atmosphere.  The feel of your wedding will depend on how you style it and what you add to the space.  Included in this versatility, is the fact that you have three major spaces that you can use: the front yard, the house, and the backyard.  So you can have a totally inside event, an outside event, or multi spaces.  There is a warming kitchen, two available bathrooms for guests inside, and a large refrigerator/freezer.  In addition, there is an entire floor where the wedding party can get dressed.  This reduces the risk of late arrivals and late wedding starts! However, having multiple spaces is can be both a pro and a con.

If you want to use the outdoor spaces, you also have to think about the number of rentals that you may need to make the space compatiable for your needs.  This includes lighting, tents, chairs, tables, and fans. Also, the house is not designed to accommodate an overly large guest list (there are 5 rooms avaialable on the main floor and a bar area), which is something that also needs to be considered if weather challenges your outdoor plans.  So while the rental fee includes these spaces, for a budget minded bride, you also have to think if they provide the best possible options for your money, guest list, and overall impact.

For smaller events, the Southwood House is also an option and they provide hourly rates. I like that they have a large table and smaller ones available, whcih could provide a nice atmosphere for a bridal shower, birthday party, or rehearsal dinner.

At a Glance:

  • Versatile
  • In the Highest Cost Range for Rentals in the Area
  • Striking Atmosphere; Flexible w/ Theme & Decor
  • Multiple Spaces; Warming Kitchen
  • Somewhat Flexible, Attentive, and Accomodating Staff
  • For Weddings (Space for Bridal Party to get Ready) or Any Major Life Event
  • Nights Events are a Challenge and Require Additonal Lighting
  • Sufficient Parking; Private
  • Easy Deliveries
  • Somewhat Dated in Decor, but that Adds to the Charm