Venue Spotlight: The Southwood House

For this “Venue Spotlight,” we are featuring The Southwood House, a popular venue located in the Southeast Neighboorhood of Southwood in Tallahassee, Florida.  The Southwood House boasts luscious green grounds in both the front and back yards, which surrounds the historic house built in 1865 that stands at its center.  For more information, please visit their Project Wedding website.  This venue would fall in the mid to high price range for Tallahassee.

This venue is great for its versatility for those planning a wedding.   It can be perfect for that bride who loves vintage and rustic, but also that bride that wants a more upscale atmosphere.  The feel of your wedding will depend on how you style it and what you add to the space.  Included in this versatility, is the fact that you have three major spaces that you can use: the front yard, the house, and the backyard.  So you can have a totally inside event, an outside event, or multi spaces.  There is a warming kitchen, two available bathrooms for guests inside, and a large refrigerator/freezer.  In addition, there is an entire floor where the wedding party can get dressed.  This reduces the risk of late arrivals and late wedding starts! However, having multiple spaces is can be both a pro and a con.

If you want to use the outdoor spaces, you also have to think about the number of rentals that you may need to make the space compatiable for your needs.  This includes lighting, tents, chairs, tables, and fans. Also, the house is not designed to accommodate an overly large guest list (there are 5 rooms avaialable on the main floor and a bar area), which is something that also needs to be considered if weather challenges your outdoor plans.  So while the rental fee includes these spaces, for a budget minded bride, you also have to think if they provide the best possible options for your money, guest list, and overall impact.

For smaller events, the Southwood House is also an option and they provide hourly rates. I like that they have a large table and smaller ones available, whcih could provide a nice atmosphere for a bridal shower, birthday party, or rehearsal dinner.

At a Glance:

  • Versatile
  • In the Highest Cost Range for Rentals in the Area
  • Striking Atmosphere; Flexible w/ Theme & Decor
  • Multiple Spaces; Warming Kitchen
  • Somewhat Flexible, Attentive, and Accomodating Staff
  • For Weddings (Space for Bridal Party to get Ready) or Any Major Life Event
  • Nights Events are a Challenge and Require Additonal Lighting
  • Sufficient Parking; Private
  • Easy Deliveries
  • Somewhat Dated in Decor, but that Adds to the Charm

New Year, New Start, but Same Love

So 2012 was an interesting year.  With Love Events experienced some highs and lows and in the mix this blog became neglected.  However, we are still busy getting our business off the ground and will not be derailed because we want to see our vision flourish. So, stay tuned for our posts on “What We Learned in 2012,” a recap of our Rustic Elegant Wedding, and the anticipated beginning of our series on Unconventional and Traditional Event Venues in the Tallahassee/Big Bend Area.  

With Love, As Always…

Sunday Spotlight: Venues in the Tallahassee/Big Bend Region

For this ongoing series, we want to spotlight some of the popular and undiscovered venues in the Big Bend/Tallahassee Florida area.  A major key to a great event is the venue choice.  It is the first thing to think about AFTER deciding on a guest list or number of attendees.  The venue can make or break an event or budget if the right questions aren’t asked.

In my experience, finding a venue in this area is frustrating because those having an event very rarely look beyond the popular venues or rate their experience on sites like www.projectwedding, or  Also, there is often a dirth of images that could give you a quick idea of the venue’s pros and cons.  This new series hopes to provide an unbiased review of these places and give the pros and the cons [all from our perspective of course.]  Hopefully, it will provide some much needed information for those in search of the “perfect” venue.

Look for our first Venue Spotlight on this Sunday: The Southwood House, the venue for what will be an awesome Rustic Elegant Wedding.

A Rustic Elegant Wedding: The Ceremony & Color Scheme

When our couple for the Rustic Elegant Wedding came to us there were two things that they knew for sure they wanted: the color scheme of salmon [transitioned into orange] and brown and a relaxed feel for the reception.  Since a number of the weddings that use these colors often went towards the burnt orange and brown, our team wanted to find a way to inject a sense of newness to these colors by possibily adding variations of pink which would play off of the salmon, which has orange and pink tones.  So in this inspiration board for the ceremony, you will see an inspiration board that includes those colors and how well they all play together.

Also, we are sharing the inspiration board for the ceremony, which took a simple and not overly dressed approach because the venue warrants an uncluttered feel.

Rustic Elegant Inspiration Board--[Blank] With Love

Credits: 1) aisle hearts; 2) burlap ties; 3) ombre carnation curtain; 4) ribbon blocking aisle; 5) circle ceremony setup; 6) color palette

The plan includes the aisle lined with flower hearts.  I love this new trend of patterned flower aisles!  These hearts complement the ombre carnation curtain, which will include white/ivory and two colors of orange flowers, and the paper pompoms that the bride loves that will be in orange with brown ribbons hanging from shepherd hooks. The curtain will hang from the pergola behind the couple as they exchange their vows and burlap and orange ties will be on the chairs in the back rows.  I like this proposed setup because it highlights the best of the venue, but it also adds different elements that we hadn’t seen in a very popular venue.  For our next post, we will showcase the venue for other brides in the North Florida area.

If you are using a popular venue, what are you doing to seperate your ceremony from previous weddings?

From Inspiration to Design: A Rustic Elegant Wedding

For this new series, we will be sharing a few projects that are central to a wedding that our company, With Love Events, is designing and coordinating for October. The theme of the wedding is Rustic Elegance and we are excited to share details about our first wedding. The key to any event is to first gain inspiration and one of the best ways available now is to turn to Pinterest where luckily someone else has spent the long hours on the internet finding and pinning the most wonderful finds! It is truly remarkable the number of creative designers and crafters who are displaying their talents and creating wonderful things for us to drool over.

I love presenting clients with an inspiration board because it allows them to begin visualizing how their event will look.  It is also a danger because the final product featured on these beautiful blogs have benefited from great photography and often a number of factors, including the setting, budget, and availability of products, can affect how a similar idea looks for another wedding.  However, what can be captured is the overall “feel” that you want the event to evoke for their guest. The goal for inspiration is to not try to duplicate it, but allow it to inspire you to think of the possibilities.

The feel for this wedding hinged on finding a way to make the colors orange and brown look elegant while playing off the slightly rustic and elegant grounds and house of the venue. The venue and theme really compliment each other!  Before the rustic became trendy, who really believed that burlap and mason jars could look elegant? But this trend has proved to have staying power despite efforts to declare the death of vintage and the mason jar!  So the key to pulling off the design was balance and to present a neutral background that would allow the pops of orange and brown to come alive. At first I didn’t realize this, but as the design evolved so did the vision for the design.

On tomorrow, I’ll share the design board for a wedding that combines the rustic and elegant into a marvelous affair.

Inspired Series: Floral Print Wedding Review

It has been so much fun trying to find ways to incorporate a fashion trend, floral print, into a wedding design.  Now all I need is a bride who wants me to help bring it to life :-).  If you are that bride and are in the Tallahassee, Florida area, visit our event styling website.  There were a few items that I didn’t get a chance to talk about, most obviously the paper products; one of my favorite parts of a wedding. I can play with fonts ALL day! As an example of the endless possibilities for using the floral design in your save-the-dates or invites, I wanted to include some of my favorites in this review:

(top left– top right– bottom left– bottom right)

In addition here is a review of some of our favorite floral print wedding finds (you can find the credit in the original posts:

(Shoes, Dessert Buffet, Bridesmaid Dresses, Dessert Bar)

(Ties, Bridesmaids, Cardigans, Floral Wedding Gown)

(Wedding Gown, Favors)

(Bridesmaids Gifts, Cake, Invitations, Nails)

So did our Inspired Series convince you that fashion trends can work as wedding themes? What other fashion themes would you like to see turned into a wedding theme?  I’ve loved doing this series and will do another one after our big October event that I’ve been promising that I would share.  We have some great DIY projects from it that I want to share.

Inspired Series: Floral Print Wedding Favors

So this is the penultimate post in our Inspired Series! It has been fun searching the web for ways to incorporate a fashion trend into a wedding design.

The topic for today is one of my favorite items in a wedding, the favor, the thank you for coming present that you give your guests at the end of the night.  Personally, I think the favor often gets pushed to the side or worse becomes regulated to the mass produced, no personality favors that line the aisles of Walmart and Michaels.  While these are often fine, I think all weddings deserve a personalized touch.  Take that plain box and add something that captures the essence of you and your mate and the vows that you have just taken.  Even more important, make it something that your guest will actually use! I’m sorry, but I do not want matches or a bottle of bubbles!

There are a number of ways to incorporate a floral print in the favor. A floral print can be found in paper and fabric so anything can be wrapped in either of these options.  Since I am loving the red and teal cherry blossom print, these cookie favors done by Meaghan of The Decorated Cookie really caught my eye!

It even includes the hand painted cookies that were featured on the dessert buffet, so the favor could be combined with a cookie bar where guests can take home a few cookies.  I also mentioned in the last post that I spotted some other favor options on that dessert table.

The mini mason jars covered with fabric which can be filled with jelly, candy, or even wax to make a candle.  In addition, the floral bags  and cute mini boxes could be filled with candy or flower seeds for a great favor or used to fill goodies from a sweets table.

The options are endless for favors that incorporate the lovely floral print.  Do you have any other suggestions? How do you feel about favors that seem too generic?

Stay tuned for our last post on this Inspired Series and the beginning of our next series, From Inspiration to Inspired: A Rustic Elegant Wedding!



Inspired Series: Floral Print and the Dessert Buffet

So since a division of our business With Love Events focuses on dessert/candy buffets, I could not end the Inspired Series on floral print without including some dessert/candy buffet options.  I am loving the teal and red floral print that can be found in some of our earlier postings, so it is no wonder I was drawn to this one designed by Amy Atlas, one of the queens of the dessert buffet.

The key to a great dessert buffet is all about balance and color and this one delievers on both. I like that the floral print only shows up in places, but I could imagine that you could insert it in a few other places on a larger dessert buffet.  In addition, a table runner in your desired floral print running either the length of the table or the width in the middle would be a great addition.

There is also the option to make even more of a statement with a floral print background like this vintage candy buffet:

I also spot some options for favors, which our next post will cover.  So do you think the dessert/candy bar trend is coming to an end? In my city, it seems as if has never caught on…

Inspired Series: Floral Print & Bridesmaid Gifts

When thinking of possible ways to gift the wonderful ladies you have chosen to stand by you, I think that you should always consider how the gift can be used after the wedding.  I hate the idea of giving members of your wedding party a shirt with your wedding date and a picture of you and your mate or an engraved anything with your wedding date.  Although that date is important for you as the bride and groom, honestly, it does not mean as much for the wedding party.  Instead, the gift should be something that reflects how much you appreciate their support and something that they can enjoy afterwards.

In keeping with the inspired series on floral print, I came across two great options for gifting your girls.  One is this great clutch from Etsy seller PaperFlora:

Isn’t that the cutest?! I could even imagine it substituting for a bouquet as they walked down the aisle.  Although only this print is available, there are plenty of tutorials on these types of clutches and if you have any type of sewing ability, it could be a great diy project of making these in your chosen floral pattern.

This seller, PoppyPunch, also have some great options and is even running a big sale now! I love this one:

The best thing is that these options are cute AND affordable! I am loving this red and teal floral print on both of these options and could be the perfect floral wedding theme!

Another option is these great floral bangles.  If the floral print is a more subdued presence and only making its appearance in splashes,then these can add that special touch:

So how are you thinking about gifting your girls?

Inspired Series: Floral Print & the Cake

So there are still plenty of ways to incorporate a floral print in your wedding plans that I have not covered yet, and the cake is one of those ways! Instead of just using fondant/gumpaste or real flowers, another option is to mimic your chosen pattern through a handpainted cake! I love the handpainted technique of this floral print on this cake:

I tried finding a black fondant cake with a floral pattern similar to our inspiration shoe, but with no luck.  I think it would be beautiful in any other color; however, I’m not sure how black fondant would taste!

Another option is the popular use of cupcakes.  These cupcakes are also covered with a fondant top that has been handpainted:

Would you ever consider having your cake handpainted?